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Fitness Dynamics is run by Stefania, a REPS Level 4 advanced personal trainer operating in Stanmore and Edgware and have over 6 years experience in training clients from all walks of life, fitness levels and abilities.

Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, build lean muscle, prepare for a sporting event or simply improve your fitness and health, Fitness Dynamics can help you achieve your goals through  motivation and  tailored fitness programs using the latest training methods and a variety a fitness equipments to keep your body challenged and your sessions more fun and interesting, ensuring results are achieved.

Having a balanced diet is a very important part of any training program, therefore at Fitness Dynamics your eating habits  are assessed a
t the outset and you will receive full nutritional advice and support on an ongoing basis to help you get results and maintain them.

To ensure your goals are achieved within the required timescales, measurements  reviews are carried out every 10 sessions to assess your body’s response to the training program and changes made where necessary.

Because we all have busy lifestyles and different needs, Fitness Dynamics offer services to suit all types of fitness requirements: from home based personal training sessions for those who need face-to-face motivation and guidance, to online personal training for those who prefer to train by themselves but need a fitness program
and nutrition advice to help them achieve their results. However if personal training is not for you , Fitness Dynamics also offer group exercise classes in the Stanmore and Edgeware area to help you achieve your goals in a fun group environment ( please see relevant section for classes available and                                                 schedules).


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