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  • The 'Queen Bee' Plan:

    You are a confident lady who likes the good things in life, you have a close circle of friends who you like to socialise with , perhaps over lunch with a nice glass of wine (..or two!!) or at a social event. You take pride in looking your best at all times, from your hairstyle to your nails to your dress sense..everything about you evokes class. You appreciate that to look good it takes effort and you have to look after your body, but gyms are really not your cup of tea! You want to exercise in the comfort of your home and have one-2-one sessions to get a personalised and bespoke service to ensure your body looks the way YOU want to, because you know you are worth it. You want a bespoke exercise and nutrition program that is flexible to allow for the social aspect of your lifestyle, is easy to follow and keeps you looking your best. The 'Queen Bee' program  is the  perfect fit  for you! Request your free bespoke consultation now , quoting 'Queen Bee'.
  • The 'Bride-to-be' Plan:

    As a bride-to-be you have 101 things to arrange for your wedding the ceremony and reception venues, choose the dress, select the rings, organise the Hen night, sort out the bridemaids dresses, order the flowers, etc...the list is endless! This is an exciting time for you and you want to look your best on your Special Day and feel confident when you walk down the aisle. However, there may be some parts of your body that you are not completely happy with...perhaps you would like to show off your arms in a strapless dress, but they lack tone?...Or you may feel your waistline  is letting you down and spoiling your overall silhouette?...Whatever it is you would like to improve  in your body, do not despair!! My Bride-to-be program is specifically designed to take the stress away from weightloss and help you shape your body with a 12 weeks body transformation program consisting of one-2-one personal training sessions, personalised nutrition plan , ongoing support and motivation to make sure you are in the best shape of your life on your Special Day. To find out more, request your free bespoke consultation , quoting 'bride-to-be'.
  • The 'All Executive Fitness' Plan:

    As a high level executive, there is a lot of pressure resting on your shoulders, you are a career professional with a very demanding job, carrying a high level of responsibility. You have a busy work/life schedule, often involving travel and you have worked very hard to get where you are now and to achieve the lifestyle you have. You value your health as you appreciate that it is your health that allows you to maintain your lifestyle, but with such a busy schedule, it can be difficult to find the time to eat healthily and exercise regularly. Your time is very precious, so you want to make sure you spend it efficiently and that you maximise any spare time you have. You want a bespoke fitness and nutrition  program that fits with your busy schedule and gets results. The All Executive Fitness Program is specifically designed for busy professionals like you, it is tailored to fit with your own schedule and your own specific fitness goals to ensure you get results YOU want. To find out more, request your free bespoke fitness consultation , quoting 'All Executive Fitness'.  

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Hi, my name is Stefania, I am an advanced personal trainer and  the founder of Fitness Dynamics.
Why Fitness Dynamics?
I offer bespoke programs to fit YOUR lifestyle and based on YOUR specific goals to get RESULTS .
How does it work?
It all starts with your bespoke fitness consultation when we go through your Lifestyle Analysis to better understand what's important for you, your short term and long term health and fitness goals, what your average daily schedule is like to ensure any plan we put in place fits with your current commitments, we look at what stopped you from achieving your goals in the past to deal with and remove those barriers and we have a detailed look at your current diet. We then move on to your Body Composition Analysis, this is your starting point and paints a picture of how healthy your body is on the inside, highlights any potential health risks and gives detailed information of your current muscle mass versus fat mass ratio, hydration level, visceral fat , metabolic age...and much more!
Once we have completed your Lifestyle Analysis and Body Composition Analysis , we agree on the best program for you based on your specific goals and your are then ready to get started!!
What you get:
- a bespoke personal training program to fit with your lifestyle including one-2-one sessions and personalised nutrition plan
- monthly Body Composition Analysis and nutrition reviews to monitor progress
- unlimited support from me throughout your program via phone, email or Skype (whichever suits you best)
- my full commitment to help you achieve your goals and to teach you how to maintain them thereafter
What I  ask of you:
Your commitment to making the changes required to get  the results YOU want....that's all!!
What my clients say:
"I first met Stefania when I was training for the London marathon in 2012. I could not run longer than a minute but with Stefania's  training regime, advice and help it wasn't long before I was running for four hours solid. I could not have completed the marathon without her! She got me to the best physical fitness I have ever been and I was truly proud of the strong, fit body we had achieved. I was even able to complete another challenge that year with the Yorkshire three peaks and have continued to train religiously with her since.
Having thyroid issues and hypermobility sometimes makes training and exercising difficult but Stefania has always been a great support in keeping me motivated and physically challenged whilst remaining safe at the same time. She uses her physical and nutritional expertise to ensure I stay on track with my exercise and weight goals. 
The thing I love most about having Stefania as my PT is that no two training sessions are the same. She is always bringing something new and exciting to try out and to push and challenge me further. 
With Stefania, I have achieved my best physical fitness and accomplished some amazing goals. I would highly recommend her to anyone who was serious about losing weight or training for a special event or even becoming the best physical shape you've ever been."
Samantha Moran - London 

If you want to achieve better health and fitness, you have to be committed to living a healthier lifestyle and to change the behaviours holding you back from achieving your goals. If you are ready to do that, I am here to help you succeed.
I will come to you offering personal training in St Albans, Hatfield, Hertford, Welwyn Garden City, Colney Heath and other areas of Hertfordshire as well as Mill Hill (NW7) and Stanmore. 
Fill in the complimentary consultation form today and let’s start changing your life for the better now!

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Latest News & Events

Fitness Dynamics have teamed up with JuicePlus to offer fruit, vegetables and berries supplements to help you bridge the gap between what you eat and what you should be eating, in particular to help you achieve the recommended 10 portions of fruit and vegetables a day to maintain a healthy body and immune system . There is also an amazing cleansing  and fatloss program based on an easy healthy eating plan which includes all the vitamins , minerals and nutrients your body needs to lose weight healthily and feel energised  . All supplements are gluten free, low glycemic, GMO free and suitable for vegans.
To find out more , contact Stefania on  07779593253 or check out the links below..


As you may know you cannot get results unless your diet and exercise regime are tailored to your specific fitness goals ( weight loss, muscle gain,etc..). But what if you are eating all the right foods and doing all the correct workouts but still struggling to get results?... Then you may have a food intolerance that's stopping you achieving your goals despite all your best efforts!!! Fitness Dynamics now offer food intolerance testing and nutrition plan packages to help you work with your body rather than against it, helping you achieve your goals. For more details please click the "free consultation " button and quote 'Food testing'
Are you fed up with yo-yo diets that don't work or only last short term? Are you struggling to achieve your fitness goals despite doing all the right things? Do you want to find out what  diet and exercise program will work for YOU based on YOUR unique DNA make up and finally get RESULTS you can keep for good? Fitness Dynamic are now proud to be able to offer genetic testing via DNAFit with  follow up advice and support to help you finally get the results you want and deserve. Request you FREE consultation today to find out more!

Are you new to personal training? Not sure if it is for you? Not sure what to expect? problem! With the Kick Start program you get 3 one-2-one personal training sessions to better understand what personal training can do for you and how it can fit with your lifestyle , all for just £99!! There are no tie-ins and  no commitment to continue after the 3 sessions if you decide it's not for you. Request your free fitness consultation now , quoting 'Kick Start'.