Stefania Fabrizi has been working as a specialist personal trainer to support the need of diabetics for over 9 years and is qualified to work alongside GPs in NHS funded schemes for diabetics.

All too often, people diagnosed with diabetes are given limited information or resources in how to manage what can be a life-changing condition. Told to lose weight and to change their diet, far too many people struggle to do it on their own.

If you are concerned about the prospect of a new routine, sticking to it and reaching your health goals; Fitness Dynamics' step-by-step, tailored coaching programmes make managing your health easier because they are designed around you and give you the one-to-one support you need to take control of your health, weight and fitness.

 No more struggling with your health, fitness and weight. Get real results with  tailored exercise  for diabetes  and diabetes nutrition plan designed by a diabetes expert that actually works with your body and achieves your goals.

Manage your diabetes better by staying active. Your bespoke Diabetes programme and regular review sessions will help you get fitter, lose weight, gain energy and improve your health,  all while keeping your blood glucose in the healthy target range.

Staying motivated is made easy with your personalised plan, 1-2-1 review sessions to help you track your progress, measurement tracking and following your plan anywhere via the programme app.

Fitness Dynamic's online Diabetes programme helps you to:

  • Control your diabetes more easily through exercise and diet for diabetes
  • Lower your blood sugar
  • Lose weight
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Help the body use insulin more effectively
  • Reduce your stress levels
  • Reduce or come off medication
  • Have access to on-going specialist support through the monthly maintenance programme.

12-Week Diabetes Control Programme

The 12 Weeks Diabetes Control Programme is your comprehensive, tailored plan to your health needs and fitness goals. As soon as you sign up, book your 1-2-1 phone/skype session with Stefania.

Where you will discuss your goals, your individual health needs (including food intolerances) and your lifestyle. This information will enable Stefania to design your personal Diabetes plan.

  • Diabetes nutrition & exercise guidelines
  • 12-week bespoke diabetes nutrition plan
  • Tailored workout and activity programme based on your ability and lifestyle
  • Access to plan via the app for you to access anywhere
  • Progress Support Sessions: 4 one-to-one sessions with Stefania to help design your programme at the start and then to review your progress and adapt elements at 4, 8 and 12 weeks.
  • Measurement tracker

Boosting your health for the equivalent of just £11.07 per day!

GET STARTED TODAY FOR £997 for 12-weeks specialist support

Diabetes Monthly Maintenance Programme

This monthly membership plan is a follow-on maintenance programme ideal for those who have completed the 12 weeks Diabetes Control Programme and who feel they are able to continue their journey towards better health by themselves but would benefit from access to support and personalised advice once a month to make sure they not just stay on track but achieve on-going improvement.

REMEMBER: This option is for those who have already completed the 12-Week Diabetes Control Programme.

  • 45-minute Monthly Progress Review (phone/skype) with Stefania to track progress, address concerns, review measurements (if weight-loss is a goal) and get personalised advice on any changes needed to keep you progressing towards your goal.
  • Free app to take your fitness goals with you wherever you are
  • Measurement tracker


That's just... 1.67p per day!

Remember, I am here to help you get results.

Join me on the 12-week Diabetes Control Programme and you will get a programme tailored to your needs and the demands of your life. In the review sessions, we'll make sure you're on track and identify what you need to do to reach your goals. I can't wait to work with you and make a real difference to your life.

Book now for the full, tailored 12-Week Programme and schedule your 1-2-1 to start making a real difference to your life.

I look forward to speaking to you soon,



"I started training with Stefania a bit more than one and a half years ago. Not only has she helped me to get fit, but she has also assisted me with my diet. As a result, I have lost more than 20kg. Her one to one classes are tailor-made to my needs and have never been boring. Stefania has a great skill to motivate people. I will definitely carry on training with her and I can recommend her 100 per cent."

Akos - Hatfield

"Stefania is a very passionate PT who not only can train her client to his/her best capacity but also provides the best suitable dietary plan for all types of health conditions. She is very helpful and patient too, I would recommend her very much!"

Richard - Barnet

"Stef is very professional, caring, knowledgeable. She knows what she’s doing for each and every client, and can tailor make all types of fitness plan depends on an individual. Strongly recommended!"

Chloe - Barnet