Personal Training Programs

What does it take to get the results YOU want and keep them long term? Simple…

1) You have to change your mindset and COMMIT to following a healthy eating plan and exercise program

2) Be consistent and persevere with your new healthy lifestyle even when life gets tough, only by doing so you will ACHIEVE your goals.

3) Be patient….worthwhile progress takes time , there is no quick fix ! Trust the process, stick with it and TRANSFORM your body, your health and your life !!

Why personal training with Fitness Dynamics?

I use my extensive fitness and nutrition knowledge and many years of experience as a personal trainer to coach you, support you and motivate you to COMMIT to your new healthy lifestyle, ACHIEVE your health and fitness goals and TRANSFORM your body , your health and your life.

As an specialist personal trainer with many years of experience, I have helped many clients from different backgrounds , busy lifestyles and with various health and fitness goals get results and keep them.

The 'Yummy Mummy ' Plan:

You are a Mum who has always taken pride in looking her best , but following a recent pregnancy (or two!!) you find it difficult to go back to your pre-pregnancy body despite your best efforts . You find you spend your day running around for school runs and chores and you feel like your life is being taken over by ‘Mummy duties’ and fear you will never regain your body and confidence back at this rate. Or maybe you do have time for yourself during the day , but feel too tired to do anything with it … You may feel too conscious about your body shape to go to the gym , or perhaps you just hate going to the gym altogether! So you need to find a flexible solution that will make the most of the little free time you have and be flexible enough to work around your busy family schedule . You know something needs to change but don’t know where to start or what to do and need help. The ‘Yummy Mummy’ Plan is perfect for you , allowing you to exercise in the comfort of your own home , saving you travel time and allowing you to keep an eye on your child/children while you are training, avoiding extra child-minding fees. To find out more , request you free bespoke fitness consultation ,quoting ‘Yummy Mummy’ .

The 'Bride-to-be' Plan:

As a bride-to-be you have 101 things to arrange for your wedding the ceremony and reception venues, choose the dress, select the rings, organise the Hen night, sort out the bridemaids dresses, order the flowers, etc...the list is endless! This is an exciting time for you and you want to look your best on your Special Day and feel confident when you walk down the aisle. However, there may be some parts of your body that you are not completely happy with...perhaps you would like to show off your arms in a strapless dress, but they lack tone?...Or you may feel your waistline  is letting you down and spoiling your overall silhouette?...Whatever it is you would like to improve  in your body, do not despair!! My Bride-to-be program is specifically designed to take the stress away from weightloss and help you shape your body with a 12 weeks body transformation program consisting of one-2-one personal training sessions, personalised nutrition plan , ongoing support and motivation to make sure you are in the best shape of your life on your Special Day. To find out more, request your free bespoke consultation , quoting 'bride-to-be'.

The 'All Executive Fitness' Plan:

As a high level executive, there is a lot of pressure resting on your shoulders, you are a career professional with a very demanding job, carrying a high level of responsibility. You have a busy work/life schedule, often involving travel and you have worked very hard to get where you are now and to achieve the lifestyle you have. You value your health as you appreciate that it is your health that allows you to maintain your lifestyle, but with such a busy schedule, it can be difficult to find the time to eat healthily and exercise regularly. Your time is very precious, so you want to make sure you spend it efficiently and that you maximise any spare time you have. You want a bespoke fitness and nutrition  program that fits with your busy schedule and gets results. The All Executive Fitness Program is specifically designed for busy professionals like you, it is tailored to fit with your own schedule and your own specific fitness goals to ensure you get results YOU want. To find out more, request your free bespoke fitness consultation , quoting 'All Executive Fitness'.